Wedding at Dalhousie Castle 

Fantastic wedding last night at the stunning Dalhousie Castle in Bonnyrigg. It was our pleasure and privilege to provide the nights entertainment for what I can honestly say was a really lively and fun crowd. The moment we arrived the groom James woods came over and welcomed us in and took the time to show us where we could set up and offered us drinks. I could tell straight away that this was going to be a great night. You could feel the atmosphere starting to build as we were setting our equipment up and we genuinely couldn’t wait to start. Their first song was a lovely ballad from Nathan Sykes called over and over again which sounded really nice with just piano and vocals. Natalie, who looked stunning in her gorgeous dress and James, looking very dapper in his kilt cut their cake and then danced their first dance as man and wife. Then the serious dancing kicked in and we all had a ball. It didn’t feel like we were playing at a strangers wedding we had such a good time and a right good laugh. We danced all night and I couldn’t help myself from joining them on the dance floor for the slosh and then a random conga started up. All in all it was a great night and to be honest it’s gonna take a bit of beating as these guys really knew how to enjoy themselves. 5 star wedding. From the venue and friendly staff to a very welcoming crowd. We couldn’t ask for more. 

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